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Team Hanzerbrand
Logodesign, Shirt-Printdesign, Posterdesign, Spacial design

Organization and execution of public, free-to-join screenprinting upcycling events in a team of two people and with help from friends. Team Hanzerbrand consists of Valentin Hanzer and Sophie Brand, two creatives originally from Munich but met in Prague. Together we are TEAM HANZERBRAND. Coming from different disciplines, we are keen to combine different perspectives and approaches in our projects. 
Everyone has clothes that are lying in the back of the closet and have not been worn for a long time. In most cases, the textiles themselves are impeccable. The only thing missing: a reason to put the garment back on. That‘s where we come in. A cool print in a trendy color makes all the difference! And the best part is that there are no limits to creativity - there are endless possibilities to mix and match the colors and place the print on the garment. And this is how it works: The participants come to our workshop with their old pieces of clothing. Then we‘ll explain the screenprinting basics and discuss how we‘re going to transform the closet keeper. In the next step, we print the T-Shirt with combined forces. In the end, the participants will not only have learned how to screenprint but also take their new upcycled pieces of clothing home with them. Our kick-off event took place in December 2022 in Munich at our own pop-up store (@L47). Within one weekend we managed to upcycle more than 250 textiles!
The event was repeated in Prague at Opatovickà 8, GRID center,  three months later on the 10th of March, 2023.

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