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Program booklet design and illustrations 

Performative opera that was staged for the memorial purposes of the victims in former nazi catacombs in Munich by the Münchener Biennale festival and the University for Music and Theatre Munich. 

The world premiere of "Spuren" examines the theme of "Good Friends", on which the Munich Biennale 2022 is based, in the basement of the Hochschule für Musik und Theater at Arcisstraße 12 in terms of its ambiguity and ambivalence. A winding system of paths leads through machine rooms and decadent supply cellars of the former "Führerbau". Originally built to protect people, the air raid shelter was converted during the National Socialist era as a storage room for hundreds of works of art for the "Sonderauftrag Linz". In a music-theatrical tour, the world premiere follows distinctive paths that point to the past and lays new tracks whose stability is constantly undermined by branchings, dead ends and changes of direction. In the labyrinth, the extremely helpful and protective, friendly gesture of a system that promises people a sense of belonging, prosperity and advancement is revealed as a perfidious move by a cruel, inhuman regime.
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