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The Myth of the Pigdog
Book Design, Writing and Illustration

The Myth of the Pigdog is a 17.000 words long novella. The book is written, illustrated, and published by Sophie Brand.

Everybody has one. Nobody likes talking about it. The Pigdog. It’s your secret friend that tempts you to play games, read books, smoke cigarettes, lay around doing nothing when you actually have important work to do. At a certain point in one‘s life this pet just appears and then follows us throughout all our life. Some people have tiny lap-dogs that behave quite well and some people have huge monstrous pitbulls that seem to never stop growing. The Myth of the Pigdog tells the story of a young girl becoming a grown woman and her adventures and difficulties throughout life with her best friend, her pigdog. The book also gives advice on how to live in happy coexistence with your internal pigdog and how to accomplish your goals without forgetting about joyful sideways that build the funny side of life.

Created in Prague, 2022
Winner ADC Talent Award, 2

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